Teremok School successfully implements an Interdisciplinary approach of teaching the Russian language. Teachers organize curriculum across disciplines so that students are learning language not only by studying reading, grammar, and writing, but also through learning math, science, music, art, and other subjects. The benefit of this approach is that the students enrich their vocabulary, critical thinking, creativity and broaden their cultural horizons while learning the language.

“Teremok” School of Early Childhood Development invites children to participate in Saturday Academic and / or  Day School Programs. 

Day School Program

is a multi-aged classroom setting, including children ranging in age from  2 5-years old.

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Saturday Academic program

Our curriculum is designed to benefit children of ages two (2) to fourteen (14) using the best traditions of Russian education and play-based teaching approaches. At “Teremok” School the students receive workbooks that they use for classroom and homework activities on a monthly basis.

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